PolymerTrade sells several types of plastic panels:

Panels from recycled plastics:

Massive PE-panels ranging in thickness from 4 to 18 mm, black- and gray-coloured.



  • Agriculture (wall cladding, pig pen divider)
  • Horse stables (wall cladding)
  • Construction
  • Ground foundations of playground equipment (replacement of concrete)
Massive PE-panels



Panels from virgin materials:

Per Haakonsen is the Scandinavian sales manager of the VarioLine® panels, manufactured from PolymerPark materials.

These panels have a waterproof, foamed core and a 1,5 mm solid skin. The weight is approximately 30 % lower than that of plywood. The thickness range is from 6 to 25 mm.

The surface can also be delivered  reinforced with glass fibres.

We can arrange sales directly from PolymerPark, or via Scandinavian distributors
VarioLine® panels


  • Agriculture (wall cladding, pig pen divider)
  • Boxes, flooring, truck body/swap body,
  • Trailer/light vehicles
  • Floor constructions in buses and heavy vehicles
  • Outdoor playground equipment
  • Seaside pleasure boats and light multi-purpose freight vessels
  • Other replacements of wood based panels where weight and resistance to rot are important
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