UAB RetroPlast

UAB RetroPlast in Lithuania is a company that buys, receives and sorts plastic waste. PolymerTrade AS is a shareholder in UAB RetroPlast and owns 33% of the company.

In accord with an agreement with Grøntpunkt Norge, PolymerTrade AS annually sends ca. 2000 tonn plastic waste from recycling stations to be sorted at UAB RetroPlast in Lithuania. UAB RetroPlast has a license to sort 9900 tons annually (license number VR-4.7-V02-V-136). The company has 8000m2 at its disposal.

Address: Rudaminos str. 1A LT-13275 Skaidiškių k Lithuania
Contact: Vytautas Vencius

Tel. office: 0037 065 338 071

The prinsipal activities of UAB RetroPlast are manual sorting of plastic film and hard plastics, trading baled plastic film and virgin PELD material. UAB RetroPlast also performs cutting fish farming sea nets, trawl and fishing nets.

UAB RetroPlast products:

  • 98/2 PELD film
  • Mixed film, hand sorted
  • PE - hard plastics, hand sorted
  • PP - hard plastics, hand sorted
  • PS - hard plastics, hand sorted
  • PET - hard plastics, hand sorted
  • Other recycled termoplastics
  • PELD virgin material (pellets)
  • Other recycled termoplastics

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