PolymerTrade was established in 1998, and established as a limited company in 2000, with Per Haakonsen as the owner. From the beginning, the focus has been on exports of plastic waste to material recycling and imports of plastic sheets.


After difficult years around the financial crisis in 2008, turnover and export tonnage has gradually increased from NOK 5.8 million / 3000 tonnes in the bottom year 2009 to NOK 30 million / 15 000 tonnes in 2019, and we are still increasing.


In 2012, we founded UAB RetroPlast in Lithuania together with a local partner. We now export approx. 5,000 tonnes of mixed plastic waste for sorting in Lithuania.

In total, UAB RetroPlast handles more than 10,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually and has become a significant recycling player in the Baltic States.


We export both production waste, offshore waste and fish farming and packaging plastics. We are approved by Grønt Punkt Norge AS (www.grontpunkt.no).


In 2013, the share capital was expanded and Resource AS became 50% owner.


From January 1, 2020, Resource AS will transfer its plastic recycling activities to PolymerTrade, and PolyNord AS will become part owner and transfer its activities. From the same date, Managing Director of Resource AS, Odd Øystein Meland, and Managing Director of PolyNord AS, Mikkel Haabeth, will become full-time employees in PolymerTrade.

HQ in Skien

Per Haakonsen


Tlf. +47 95 22 76 75

e-post: per@polymertrade.no

Kai Hansen

Logistic Manager

Tlf. +47 917 14 904 (kontor), 

+47 920 46 515 (privat)

e-post: kai@polymertrade.no

Galina Koleva Haakonsen

Account Manager

Tlf. +47 917 14 904 (kontor), +47 902 55 821 (privat)

e-post: galina@polymertrade.no

Vladislav Kolev


Tlf. +47 917 14 904 (kontor), 

+47 452 44 479 (privat)

e-post: vladislav@polymertrade.no

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Dep. in Trondheim

Odd Øystein Meland

Purchase & Sales

Tlf. +47 917 10 081

e-post: odd@polymertrade.no

Mikkel Haabeth

Purchase & Sales

Tlf. +47 416 27 187

e-post: mikkel@polymertrade.no 

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