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PolymerTrade can offer different types of plastic sheets made entirely of recycled plastic.

Solid sheets made from recycled polyethylene:


White, gray and black slabs with smooth surface, suitable for horse stables and other rugged use - imported directly to customer, minimum 1 pallet.


Gray and black plates with patterned surface, for running with construction machinery, temporary walkways etc. - imported directly to the customer - minimum 1 pallet.




Composite Panels

Sheets with foamed, waterproof core of recycled plastic, the surface is reinforced with fiberglass and durable polypropylene of virgin material.

Very stiff plates. The surface is smooth or with an anti-slip coating.


Areas of application:


Shuttering Panels

Boat deck

Other areas where wood-based boards are not sufficiently durable or rot-resistant.


Imported only in larger batches. PolymerTrade can forward requests on smaller lots to dealers with warehouses in Norway.

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